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Bachelor of Science, Major in Information Technology

Now is the time to start your career in the high-demand field of Information Technology. In addition to coursework, you will also complete an internship for hands-on training in a work environment. This degree prepares you for many IT-related careers, including:

  • Database Administrator
  • Application System Designer
  • Computer Network Director
  • Web Specialist
  • Intranet/firewall Administrator
  • Computer Service Technologist
  • Computer Security Technologist


Bachelor’s degrees at CMU are a minimum of 124 credit hours and are usually made up of four types of courses:

  1. General Education courses – two types taken by all students
  2. Core courses – required basic courses in your major area of study
    • Programming sequence I
      • CPS 110 Information Technology Programming I
      • CPS 280C Alternative Programming Languages
      • ITC 111 Information Technology Programming II
      Programming sequence II
      • CPS 180 Principles of Computer Programming
      • CPS 181 Introduction to Data Structures
      • CPS 280 Alternative Programming Languages
      Other core courses:
      • CPS 282 Introduction to Multimedia Design
      • CPS 395 Internship in Computer Science
      • ITC 190 Computer Hardware Concepts, Installation, Configuration, and Support
      • ITC 191 Computer Software Concepts, Installation, Configuration, and Support
      • ITC 265 Basics of Data Communications and Computer Networks
      • ITC 341 Introduction to Databases and Applications
      Choose one of the following in consultation with your advisor for the final capstone experience:
  3. Concentration Courses – for your area of concentration (see below)
  4. Planned Electives – to allow you to customize your degree to your areas of interest
  5. Additional Requirement – each student must take 6 additional elective hours, chosen to complement the student’s program goals and approved by an IT advisor.
  • Concentration Courses

    Note: The BS in Information Technology CPS and ITC concentration courses are only available at CMU's Southfield center.

    Specialized track (each student is required to select 6 credits from one of the following tracks):

    • Data Communication and Networkingul>
    • ITC 465 Network Administration and Security
    • ITC 466 System Administration and Automation
  • Database
  • Interactive Multimedia Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Track Internship (3 credit hours)

    • CPS 395 Internship in Computer Science

    The internship may include a special project conducted in the work place or with an organization outside of the work place under the supervision of a faculty member. Preferably, the internship will be in the student’s area of concentration.

    Capstone Experience (3 credit hours)

    Students may choose one of the following:

    Cognate Requirements (9-11 credit hours)

    Math requirements

    • STA 282 Introduction to Statistics Or
    • STA 382 Elementary Statistical Analysis

      Plus one of:
    • MTH 132 Calculus I
    • MTH 136 Calculus I for Engineers and Scientists
    • MTH 175 Discrete Mathematics
    • MTH 216 Mathematics for Business II
    • MTH 223 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

    Communications requirement

    • COM 264 Organizational Communication Or
    • COM 361 Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication


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